Court of Sales

Totals last updated on Thu May 9, 2019

Consultant Name Retail & Credit Number away from Court of Sales Goal (Monthly cap of 13 needs to be considered when evaluating court eligibility.)
Sierra M. Westley$14,136.00$21,864.00
Ayla M. Day$9,996.00$26,004.00
Kaylie Finley$8,277.00$27,723.00
Priscilla Siegert$5,111.00$30,889.00
Brittny N. Chain$4,562.00$31,438.00
Vanessa Callegari Martinez$4,050.00$31,950.00
Rene Thomason$3,066.00$32,934.00
Alyssa E. Oyloe$2,786.00$33,214.00
Jessica Bernshausen$2,082.00$33,918.00
Raegan Fritsch$1,909.00$34,091.00